Jobs at Toth+Co

Toth+Co is a privately-owned agency made up of really smart and dedicated people—the kind you would expect from a branding / marketing / advertising / digital firm. We are the creative thinkers behind some of the most successful global fashion, lifestyle, and retail brands. And our work possesses a thread of optimism sewn into every project.

We created a process specifically tailored to lifestyle brands, a process whose source is from another neighbor, The Harvard Business School. We entitled it Brand DNA. It is a methodology of putting the brand first. We look at how it affects the culture within an organization, and how it shows up in the lives of its consumers.

Our history is pretty simple. We started in 1983 as mid-wife to the birth of J.Crew. We then went to work with Ralph Lauren when Polo was $100M. Then we went down 39th street to Tommy Hilfiger when the company was only $80M. We left eight years later when he was at $1.4B. Then we hopped aboard Coach, where we changed the perception of the company as a bullet-proof, out-of-date leather bag maker to that of a symbol of true American Luxury. Coach now has a market cap of $14B.

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